Project Description

Juuva is a network marketing company that through its collaborative relationship with distributors, sells many innovative and unique products which address the needs of their customers. Distributors are put into a proven training system that delivers self-improvement to each individual, and each distributor and the company enjoys a profitable partnership. Customers are getting more and more demanding of the products they buy, and Juuva’s offering includes world-class products that are high-tech, of the utmost quality, and can be experienced by customers before a purchase is made.
Juuva needed to completely rethink its website experience – it was outdated, pages loaded slowly, had responsive issues, the design needed an overhaul, and it wasn’t user-friendly. Juuva wanted a modern website design to deliver a beautiful visual appearance, useful features for its visitors to use and wanted a professional and sleek looking user interface to exude an instant feeling of trust and legitimacy. Juuva also wanted to be able to integrate its already existing product and marketing videos seamlessly within the new website experience, and its top banners also had to be accommodated to showcase its collection of products and firmly position its brand in the minds of potential distributors and customers. 

It was also evident that the entire menu structure needed to be completely re-imagined so it could be simplified, and provide user-friendly navigation for going from page to page. Additionally, the company needed to create the ability for its distributors to have login privileges for its back-office via its front-end marketing website. Onboarding new distributors through an integration with its back-office was also operationally significant for Juuva to have done as well.

Cloud Designs was excited to take Juuva on as a client knowing that the company had lots of design and development challenges to deal with – Cloud Designs really enjoys undertaking these types of projects. A brand new website design was first done to provide a user interface that is clean and visually stunning, navigation can be easily done by any type of visitor, and old website elements were effectively implemented into the new website experience while maintaining the integrity of every element that moved over. 

Next came the development portion of the project where Cloud Designs provided easy to use functionality for onboarding new distributors, and now distributors can simply gain access to the back-office to go about their various day-to-day tasks that they have. The new website is now also fully responsive so that users can properly experience it on any device they want. 

Cloud Designs did a solid job of bridging the gap between design and technology to improve the experience for visitors on Juuva’s website and distributors on the back-end portal, while helping the company get to the next level from a growth and operational perspective.

Bo was fantastic to work with. He built a robust site for me, top to bottom, in a very short amount of time. Bo and his team are fast and they do great work. I highly recommend him if you are looking to build a website or have someone do ongoing maintenance. He’s easy to work with and the results are amazing!
Craig Dalley, Juuva

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