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Search For The Perfect Taco was founded by Scott Porter thanks to his profound love for tacos. Scott also has a deep passion for business, and that has led him on his journey of empowering brands to grow and thrive. He also leverages his rich experience and deep skillset to work directly with CEO’s and leaders who are changemakers, to leverage the value of providing wonderful customer experiences and defining brand characteristics to succeed.

Scott’s experience in the corporate world includes managing a nursing home, a luxury airline, and gourmet food brands. He prides himself on implementing simple yet impacting principles which create remarkable experiences, and this premise has been at the foundation of both his and every company’s success which he puts his fingerprints on.

Search For The Perfect Taco’s website started out with a simple landing page that had the primary goal of capturing email addresses. They next wanted to create a more comprehensive, professional, and robust website in order to achieve more business goals. Scott wanted an interactive map so that he could visually show all of the taco destinations which he has traveled to, and it was also important that fans and followers could easily discover and consume archived content from the company’s blog, podcast, YouTube channel, books, taco tours, and speaking events.

Scott also wanted a designated piece of digital real estate where he could list and sell his branded products, and for future marketing efforts, he needed to be able to effectively capture email address information.

Cloud Designs designed a website for Search For The Perfect Taco that features a modern look and feel, it’s fully responsive, and also interactive to offer a captivating experience for its visitors. An email capture form was directly integrated into the main web banner with the goals of being highly visible, and to maximize new lead acquisition for the company.

The interactive map feature headlines the website so that anyone can see where Scott and his traveling Search For The Perfect Taco brand have gone to do tastings and offers reviews of tacos and corresponding services. Allowing its website users to find tasty taco options from across the world, and then having the ability to drill down to click on each location to read Search For The Perfect Taco’s reviews, ratings, comments, followings, and business information has helped to evolve the taco industry.

Cloud Designs collaborated closely with Scott to gather every piece of information available and then created a simple to use navigation menu so that users can easily find and digest any piece of content that Search For The Perfect Taco creates and distributes.

What has resulted from the new website is a more streamlined experience that pays respect to the brand’s identity and growth, the user experience is clean and well thought through, and the fully responsive efforts allow visitors to effectively view content on whatever mobile device or screen they desire.

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