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Solar is searched 1.2 Million times per month. Needless to say, there is plenty of profit to be made for Solar Companies in the U.S. Our team can generate up to 50-60 exclusive referrals per day in each major city of big solar markets to include San Diego, CA and Los Angeles to California, New York, Utah, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado just to name a few. You start receiving qualified solar referrals immediately. In this description, we will show you how you can scale your solar profits with a predictable SUSTAINABLE system. We are looking for a Company that can handle the business volume we are producing, are looking to build a thriving relationship and most importantly want to close more deals!

Here’s how it’s possible:

A. The Funnel System: We have a 3-step funnel system to obtaining solar referrals:

B. Expectations

  1. You will have access to a Google spreadsheet of all the leads generated for your records.
  2. Due to the quality of the referrals and past statistics, we expect that you will book a minimum 1 appointment per 5 referrals or 20% of total referrals delivered. Any generated sales from our Solar Referral Marketing are strictly dependent on your follow-up process, company to client relationship and sales team closing ability.
  3. We are only responsible for the marketing, acquisition and delivery of the referrals,
  4. We will provide a followup call script if you desire.

C. Pay per Lead Model

  1. Cost per Exclusive Referral is $150.
  2. Minimum start-up is $3750 (25 referrals) If the referrals don’t come in, you don’t pay. (we often have promos going, so ask us about any current promos)
  3. The client has the right to purchase as many referrals per day that they want.

D. Value of Solar Lead Generation

This calculation was created to give you an idea of the potential value with Solar Referral Marketing. Let’s say you want 25 exclusive referrals per month:

  1. 25 Referrals per month
  2. 25 Referrals X $150 = $3750 a month (your cost)
  3. 25 X 20% = 5 (sales per month)
  4. 5 sales X $2500 (Avg rep commission per job, some reps or companies make much more than that) = $12,500 revenue
  5. $12,500 (total revenue) – $3750 (monthly referral cost) = $8750 (ROI of 233%)
  6. $8750 X 12 months = $105,000 Total Annual Revenue 

E. What We Need to Get Started

  1. Desired referrals per day
  2. Locations
  3. Company Website
  4. Direct business emails (sales)
  5. Agreement signed returned

Why Choose Us

  • You’ll receive high quality motivated solar buyers.
  • We dont lead harvest so all leads will be sent you immediately as soon as they are generated.
  • All leads are exclusive so no one else will be receiving the leads.
  • We’ve partnered with a credit repair company, so if you get leads that have bad credit see if lead is willing to do credit repair and you’ll get 7.5% of entire fee to repair credit, I will then let you know when their credit is ready to get solar.

What Client’s Say

I love working with Cloud Designs, leads are exclusive and high quality. Allows me to scale my business without having to knock doors all day.
Brad Stears, Atmus Energy
Great service! I will definitely be using them again.
Rick, Integrated Solar Solutions