Increase Solar Sales with Professional Exclusive Solar Leads

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Solar is searched 1.2 Million times per month. Needless to say, there is plenty of profit to be made for Solar Companies in the U.S. Our exclusive leads go through a long questionnaire form to qualify them as a motivated solar buyer. Our team then calls these leads to verify the information they provided was accurate and to verify they are interested in solar. Once verified we send these leads to you immediately. Let us provide you with high quality solar leads so you can close more deals!

How It Works

The Funnel System: A 4-Step Funnel System To Obtaining Solar Leads


We target specific audiences, capture their attention and pre-qualify them.

Marketing Strategy

  • Email Marketing
  • Local Web Properties
  • Organic Web Properties
  • Tele Marketing
  • Pay Per Click


Leads go through our 8-15 pre-qualification questionnaire form.

Lead Information

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Energy Provider
  • Average Energy Bill


Our internal team will call the lead and verify their contact information and make sure they are interested in receiving a solar quote.

What We Verify:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Address
  • They are interested in receiving a solar quote


Once verified all lead details will be sent to an email & text to phone number you provide. We will also add it to a Google sheet that will be shared with you.

Where info is sent:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Google Sheets
  • CRM (if applicable)


We have developed an aggressive refund policy so that we can eliminate any barriers you might come across that wont allow you to close the deal. All the following will qualify for a refund:

  • Not homeowner
  • Outside area
  • Multi-family residence
  • Mobile home
  • Duplicate lead
  • Job seeker
  • Already has solar
  • Bad credit

Our Clients Are Getting An Avg of 60-70% Conversion Rate to Appointment


Our pricing ranges from $120-$200 per lead

Pricing is based on the areas you target and filter requirements. We can filter the leads on all the following:

  • Zipcodes
  • Minimum Energy bill ($50+,$100+,$150+,$200+)
  • Shading (No Shade, A little shade, A lot of shade & Uncertain)
  • Utility company

Value of Solar Lead Generation

This calculation was created to give you an idea of the potential value with Solar Referral Marketing. Let’s say you want 25 exclusive referrals per month:

  1. 25 Referrals per month
  2. 25 Referrals X $120 = $3000 a month (your cost)
  3. 25 X 20% = 5 (sales per month)
  4. 5 sales X $2500 (Avg rep commission per job, some reps or companies make much more than that) = $12,500 revenue
  5. $12,500 (total revenue) – $3000 (monthly referral cost) = $9500 (ROI of 316%)
  6. $9500 X 12 months = $114,000 Total Annual Revenue 

Increase Solar Sales with Professional Solar Lead Generation


Why Choose Us

  • You’ll receive high quality motivated solar buyers.
  • We dont lead harvest so all leads will be sent you immediately as soon as they are verified.
  • All leads are exclusive so no one else will be receiving the leads.
  • Avg of 60-70% conversion rate to book appointment.
  • Aggressive refund policy.

What Client’s Say

I love working with Cloud Designs, leads are exclusive and high quality. Allows me to scale my business without having to knock doors all day. Had lots of issues with marketers until I worked with Bo. Only person that brought me results
Brad Stears, Atmus Energy
Great service! I will definitely be using them again.
Rick, Integrated Solar Solutions
Bo and his team are exceptional!
As a contractor, its important to me to get the most qualified leads, so i don’t waist my time & money.🏆
I have been working with Cloud Designs over 2 years now, and they are the main source of my incoming leads. Bo always helped me for anything i needed in a very professional way, and very quickly.🏆
Highly recommended! 5 Starts!!
Thank you Bo & team!
Yaniv Moore, CA Home Solar