ClickFunnel for review: What is ClickFunnels exactly?

So there is a marketing platform known as ClickFunnel thats been out for a while now, but just within the past 6 months its really gotten popular as they have worked out a lot of the bugs and really catered to helping marketers and businesses get a leg up by providing a LOT of value. But before we proceed, if this is your very first time here, you might be asking questions like “what is a funnel?”, “how does it work?” and so many other questions i’m sure, as i had the same ones.

Am I correct?

Yes! So dont worry everything will be become clearer as we proceed. Also bear in mind that this ClickFunnel for review does not imply it is the best in the market. This is just to assist you to make the most effective conclusion if ClickFunnels is good for your business.

Everything regarding ClickFunnels and what it does

ClickFunnels is now a relatively mature service designed by Russell Brunson together with his team. It’s been up and running for a few years now.

A funnel is a carefully guided direction that prospective buyers go through in your sales process. It will take people from their initial engagement with your brand to over a variety of guidelines that are created to lead to any sort of sales from opting-in to an email list or downloading an article, to being present in your webinar. A funnel is the BEST way to get the best conversion rate possible.

Let me give you a parable on the effectiveness of a funnel compared to a typical website:

So a typical website is like a receptionist – when a customer comes to your place of business a receptionist is GREAT at helping the customer know who to contact, where to go, and provide some basic information to the customer. And every once in a while they may help get a new customer or sale.

However, a funnel is more like your TOP sales man – Your customer will be guided and helped through a “funnel” to guide them through a sales process they dont even know they’re on.

It features many divisions like upsells, downsells, and one-time offers to maximize the profits for you from every customer who enters the funnel process.

Funnels can be easy, or quite complex and sophisticated, nevertheless at the end of the day, they are about one thing, raising conversions and making more sales.

ClickFunnels is not like other competitor products that allow you to create one standalone page, its focused on building various types of marketing funnels.

A common Funnel may comprise of 2 pages which collect and keep a visitor’s e-mail after which sends them to a Thank you web page when registering (value bomb – dont waste the thank you page, most marketers dont use the thank you page right. Use it to market your other products, ask them to schedule a call with you, provide scarcity to get them to call you right then…etc) . Or perhaps you could have high end sales funnels which are made from different pages which sell to a guest through every step of the funnel.

ClickFunnels provides a substantial amount of convenience in setting up your pages. For instance, they provide a drag and drop style where you will be able to move components around and put them places where you want, which is something most other competitor editor restrict.

How to Get Started with ClickFunnels

It was awesome the way ClickFunnels provides a TON of training video. These instructional videos take a good overview of precisely how ClickFunnels works.

Setting up a funnel is pretty straightforward. When you click on the Add Funnels button you are directed to a display screen showing all the funnel options available. Some examples of some pre-built funnels below:

Perfect Webinar Funnel

Best Selling Book Funnel

High Ticket Funnel

Gym Membership Funnel

Ecommerce Product Funnel

Real Estate Funnel

Affiliate Marketing Funnel

You can create any funnel you desire the options and abilities are endless.

ClickFunnels generate a set of pages for you according to the funnel you’ve picked and then you can either add additional pages or remove pages to cater to you.

They have readily available templates, for each and every page in your funnel. Every theme is professionally styled and you will find a wide variety of template to choose from. Also, i just found out from a good friend of mine that just went to clickfunnels headquaters list last weekend. They will be creating a ton more templates specific to niches in the industry that they’ve already tested to convert.

So keep an eye out for those.

ClickFunnels is equipped with a choice of ready-made designs for each type of funnels, you could as well make your own design.

This is where ClickFunnels truly stands out. The editor is quite simple to use, everything appears very nice by default, and you don’t need any programming skills. Pretty much a drag and drop style.

ClickFunnels is adaptable enough to help support all kinds of designs. Sections are subsequently split up into column. You will select from just one column up to six columns and any kind of number in between. So its pretty customizable… NOT as good as if you were creating from scratch or even using a platform like wordpress.

BUT thats not what this web marketing tool is geared towards… You can use it as a traditional website, but its built to create funnels to get you leads, sales for your business.

Here are some types of funnels you can create:

Listed below are some of the various types of funnels you possibly can set up with ClickFunnels You can build any type of funnel you can possibly imagine, so they claim.

  • Membership Sites: You can use to create a recurring income by creating membership sites within ClickFunnel.
  • Lead Capture Funnels: increase your email list, or leads to your business
  • Webinar Funnels: it is for marketing and receiving registrations for webinars.
  • Sales Page Funnels: for promotion of services and products, integrating upsells/ downsells/ one-time frame deals to maximize profit.
  • Online Courses: you can host and sell your online course within ClickFunnels.

A funnel is not only a number of pages, it is usually a number of activities that require the users to go through some steps. Your funnel is likely to get started with an opt in page to get their email address.

Generally, you are going to offer them some type of opt-in bribe, or lead target, as a giveaway to compel them to leave their e-mail (prospective customer). When they have opted-in, they are going to be added to an auto-responder series that would send them automatic email messages over the next few days. The goal being to provide more trust, and value to potential customer giving them only one objective in each email, being either calling you, or buying your product.

This can be a never-to-be-repeated a single time offer, or a very low priced tripwire offer created to identify the buyers from the free gift individuals. Based upon on the choices they make, they could be introduced to a few other offers (upsells and down sells), or sent a different email, as they simply move forward through your funnel.

Hence a funnel isn’t only about setting up one or two pages, it’s equally about connecting these pages with several and unique action flows, and including them with auto responders and payment processors, so as the overall process takes place automatically. Prospective buyers come in on one end, and money come in from the other, that is likely the simplest detailed description of a funnel.

ClickFunnel comes with just one platform to create your whole funnel, automated email sequences and transaction processing all in one platform. No other platforms required.

In addition, it features lovely comprehensive navigation and analytics so you can view the way Every part of your funnel is performing, and optimize to increase conversions and sales.

Possibly the key techniques one can optimize your funnels with ClickFunnel is to make use of the built-in split evaluating feature to check out several landing pages, sales copy and more.

My recommendation is for you to register for the free trial, you’ll get really good free training thats good to know whether you decide to use it or not.  When you’ve watched the video tutorials (be sure you watch them, they are not too lengthy) play around with it yourself. That’s the best way to see if its something that’ll work for you.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons

ClickFunnels Pros

  • Conversion checking and split-testing ability
  • Credit processor built in
  • Integrates together with all the key electronic email services.
  • Super easy to built funnels, ability to download other shared funnels in the clickfunnel community. There are a ton  of free funnels people are willing to share already built out and tested to fit your specific needs.
  • It offers 14-day trial that allows you to test out it
  • REALLY robust email platform “Actionetics”
  • Helpful clickfunnels community, need help with something? simply post it in the clickfunnels facebook group and you’ll get a handful of helpful tips
  • responsive support
  • tons of tutorials
  • So many more

ClickFunnels Drawbacks

  • A little pricey for entire package of everything, base package isn’t bad though.
  • Continuous subscription required to use your funnels.
  • I’ve had issues getting a phone number to send to my account through facebook lead campaign so that i can send automated text messages. Not a big deal because not many people do it the way i do it.
  • Every once in awhile i’ll find a small bug (however their support is quick to respond and get things fixed)

How does ClickFunnels compare?

ClickFunnels vs Thrive Content Builder

I make use of Thrive Content Builder (Thrive Landing Pages) always to create my landing pages. It’s an excellent product and I like it. Nevertheless, it basically can do very little portion of what ClickFunnel can do.

Initially, Thrive basically works together with WordPress (and you need to have a website to use it) and it primarily creates pages. It doesn’t consist of an auto responder or many of the various other improved functionality you will get with ClickFunnels.

In the case you do own a WordPress site, and an auto-responder service, Thrive might be a better choice, you should understand to that it is designed for creating pages only, compared to funnels, therefore falls short of a number of the benefits that ClickFunnels offers.

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

Exactly like Thrive Content Builder, LeadPages is certainly made for making landing pages, rather than developing incorporated funnels. It’s not a like-for-like comparison. LeadPages will likely permit you to create great looking landing pages that are compact with mobile devices but LeadPages is undoubtedly pretty much all about building one page “landing pages”. ClickFunnels is the “best” on developing funnels, instead of simply opt-in pages.

ClickFunnel vs Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, is incredibly difficult product that can be outrageously expensive. You can’t use it on your own. You need to pay someone to set it up for you. Afterward you’re in for a minimum of $300 each and every month and it is tedious to manage. Infusionsoft is great at funnels as well. In actuality in a number of approaches it’s alittle more powerful as compared to ClickFunnels. Even though it’s less than perfect at creating excellent gazing pages like ClickFunnel and it’s not usually fast and simple.

Conclusion on ClickFunnel

ClickFunnels is a fantastic product for creating sales funnels. ClickFunnel is GREAT for that one function, and so surely it really does it exceptionally well. It is certainly not the most cost effective product in the entire world but it surely could save you of number of expensive other products that you may not really need, that may tend to make it the more cost-effective alternative.

The overall function of ClickFunnels is always improve your profit. If you utilize it properly. it would allow you to get more money as compared to the amount you buy it. So, cost shouldn’t be a major issue.

If you considering trying out the free trial go head and click the link below


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