Project Description

Sark Method is a unified network that connects brands and influencers together so that brands can gain important exposure to their core target markets, and influencers are compensated for sharing relevant and intriguing products with their social media followers. Product categories include Fashion and Beauty, Travel, Health and Fitness, Games and Electronics, Food and Beverage, and Wine and Spirits.

How it works – 1. A brand’s campaign is posted to the website, 2. 28 influencers with at least 10,000 followers are matched up to a campaign, 3. Within a 7-day period – 196 branded posts/stories are shared by the influencers, and 4. campaign results including new sales are tracked.

Sark Method needed a complete front-end and back-end solution – a website to market their service, user accounts for both parties so they could conduct business together in a connected and collaborative fashion, and an admin platform to manage the influencers and brands.  

The website needed a visually beautiful and modern user interface and had to be engaging for both user groups. Brands needed to have the ability to create new influencer marketing campaigns from scratch using a simple and intuitive form. Influencers had to be equipped with the functionality so they could join, collaborate, and manage those branded campaigns, and both sides of the network needed the ability to communicate with each other. There also needed to be features developed for creating groups so campaign collaboration could take place, where commenting could be done, and sharing could occur. 

The platform had to be an invite-only model for registering, and the influencers had to be initially qualified and filtered according to their category specialty in order to become a user of the website with minimal requirements placed upon them. An affiliate program needed to be integrated so that word of mouth marketing could be done by users and they could be compensated accordingly, and an analytics dashboard was needed so that campaign success could be effectively measured and managed. 

Cloud Designs enjoys building out new-aged platforms, and Sark Method’s was a project that the company was passionate about after first hearing about the concept. Cloud Designs handled everything from designing a modern user interface for the website to front-end and back-end functionality and feature development for brands, influencers, and Sark Method’s admin team to use. 

Cloud Designs is proud to be a contributing part of a startup company that has loads of potential, and what seems like and a bright future. To bring Sark Method’s vision together to become a reality is extremely rewarding, and Cloud Designs expects to help the company with its future design and development needs going forward.

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